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Hardware Engineering: Designing and Developing for the Future

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The hardware engineering team at KLA is responsible for all Electrical, Mechanical, Systems, Optical and Application Engineering across all divisions at KLA.

KLA is ramping its fastest-growing new research & development center in Ann Arbor, Michigan and we’re hiring the best talent for it. In Ann Arbor, we’re developing product equipment, test centers, and the software and AI algorithms that power the cutting-edge capabilities KLA is recognized for.

Central Engineering is KLA’s largest engineering organization comprised of 9 Centers-of-Excellence (CoE) in various disciplines applied across all product groups in the company. These CoE include Handling & Automation, Precision Motion Control, Sensors & Image Acquisition, Platform Design, and Packaging Engineering, among others. Talent includes over 500 engineers across global centers in Israel, China, India, and the US. Each CoE contributes not just talent and deliverables per discipline toward product programs, but also subject matter expertise, best practices, roadmaps, specialized facilities, apparatus, models, and analytics. These differentiate KLA not only in what we do, but also in how we do it.
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